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2020 Art Trek is different.  Artists will not be manning booths. Artists will be participating in a 2-week art exhibit inside the museum's galleries.  Artists are encouraged to participate in the reception and the family festival. Please see the links below for more information. 

Check the Event Calendar for Important Dates and Deadlines

Read the Terms & Conditions Before Applying

Accepted Media:

Paintings, drawings, artist-pulled prints, sculpture, wood and metal crafts, pottery, ceramics, textiles, leatherwork, mosaic, stained glass, designer crafts, jewelry, photography, graphics.. Other?  We're open to new ideas.

​Prize Information:

Awards are show-wide, not by category, and are distributed as follows: $300 for 1st place, $150 award for 2nd place, $75 award for 3rd place.

Exhibit Application:

Regular = $45, Early Bird = $35 (by Feb. 1)

The application does not guarantee participation.  Artists will be notified as to the status of your application within one week following receipt.  Application fees will be returned to artists who are not accepted into the event.

Exhibit Display Area:

  • All artist display areas are indoors.

  • Artists will create their own displays for this exhibit.

  • Artists will receive at least 8' x 8' wall space in one of the museum's galleries.

  • Artists may hang directly on the museum's walls, salon-style.

  • Objects and displays may project up to 36" from the wall.

  • Shelves and cases are encouraged for 3-D objects.

  • Artists may borrow one 8' x 30" rectangle table (indicate on application)

  • Artists must bring all hardware, tools, and equipment for creating a display.

  • Artists should bring a 20" extension cord if needing electricity.

  • Artists are responsible for uninstalling their displays and removing all hardware following the exhibit.

Read the exhibit terms and conditions to learn more >>


  • Artwork must be priced in advance and price lists must be turned in by March 6 to the museum for processing labels.

  • All sales are processed directly by the MGMoA Gift Shop. Artists do not handle sales or receipts (this is different from previous Arts Trek events).

  • 25% commission will be charged on all sales (before tax). Artists should consider this when pricing their work.

  • Credit cards and checks will be accepted and fees paid by the MGMoA.

  • Artists' sales checks will be mailed no later than 2 weeks following the event.

Read the exhibit terms and conditions to learn more >>

Art Guidelines:

  • All displayed art should reflect and respect that Arts Trek is a family-friendly event.  Please, no violent or hateful imagery. Tasteful nudity is allowed.  

  • All artwork must be of fine art or quality designer craft and should be original in design and created by the artist displaying the work. No manufactured, mass-produced, or resale items will be allowed. 

  • The MGMoA reserves the right to reject at any time any entry that does not meet these qualifications or is questionable. Any rejected items must be removed from the display immediately.

Read the exhibit terms and conditions to learn more >>

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